Rod Design


The Ethos mantra is to drive the needle of fly rods into the future by searching for innovative and consilient designs. We strive to integrate both classic and modern aesthetics with the highest possible performance available in the industry. Everything is an experiment and a constant work in progress, welcome to the Ethos labs. 


Available Merchandise


Occasionally we have rods that are either experimental prototypes or ones built just for fun. Some have been field tested, some have not. Additionally we have other merchandise such as hats, shirts, and other fly fishing equipment available. To see currently available merchandise please follow this link: 


808 - Nomad


The 808 nomad is a flats rod built on Ethos’ exclusive line of blanks deigned to excel in clear water flats targeting the most difficult and spooky fish. This rod provides anglers the ability to make extremely accurate casts at a variety of distances making it perhaps the most practical casting tool in extreme flats fishing scenarios. Available in 6/7 to 8/9 wt.; all line weights 8'8" in length. 

--Limited availability.


808 - Tradewinds


The 808 tradewinds is a flats rod built on Ethos’ exclusive line of blanks deigned to excel in extremely windy conditions or situations where long casts are necessary. This rod provides anglers the ability to cast tight and powerful loops into stiff winds. Currently only available in 8'8" 7 wt.; 8 - 10 wt. models available soon. 

--Limited availability.


Custom fly rods


There is almost an infinitude of options for custom built fly rods. Please visit the gallery to see examples of our previous work. Every rod is a one of a kind and we are excited to try new things so please let us know your ideas. 


Plenty of options.....


From blanks, to handle configurations, to agate guides and feather inlays, the beauty of a custom rod is the uniqueness and adaptability to almost any conceivable fishing scenario. If you know exactly what you want or are not sure, please don't hesitate to reach out. 




Examples of what is possible in custom rods can be found in gallery below...