Rod Design


The Ethos mantra is to drive the needle of fly rods into the future by searching for innovative and consilient designs. We strive to integrate both classic and modern aesthetics with the highest possible performance available in the industry. Everything is an experiment and a constant work in progress, welcome to the Ethos labs. 


Modern Fly Rods of Today


Modern fly rods are an amazing amusement that arose from the integration of technology with human concepts and biomechanics. Most modern fly rods are the result of a global manufacturing effort. Many companies like to boast that their product is made in the USA; however this is not necessarily the truth as most modern fly rods utilize Portuguese cork that is processed in a factory outside of Europe, components made of USA sourced materials milled in factories across the world, and Japanese carbon fiber rolled into blanks in factories across the world. Ethos strives to be at the intersection of the supply chain when it comes to ethical practices to produce a quality product. Our rods are proudly made on Earth with innovation and Global ethics in mind.  


808 - Tradewinds


The 808 tradewinds is a flats rod built on to excel in extremely windy conditions or situations where long casts are necessary. This rod provides anglers the ability to cast tight and powerful loops into stiff winds extending the sport of fly fishing into new conditions formerly considered too violent for a fly rod. Currently only available in 8'8" 7 wt.; 6 - 9 wt. models available soon. 

Starting price: $450.00

--Limited availability.


808 - Nomad


The 808 nomad is a flats rod built on blanks  designed to excel in clear water flats targeting the most difficult and spooky fish. Made of high modulus graphite with a slower taper, this rod provides anglers the ability to make extremely accurate casts at a variety of distances making it perhaps the most practical casting tool in extreme flats fishing scenarios. The rods weight is remarkable, perhaps the lightest rod in class (6/7wts weigh less than 2.8 ounces). Available in 6/7 to 8/9 wt.; 8'8" in length. 

Starting price: $450.00

--Limited availability.


Custom fly rods


The 808 flats rod project has been a recent passion that we have poured our heart and soul into however, we offer an extreme variety of line weights, lengths, and materials. Custom requests are  not only welcomed but encouraged. Every rod made at Ethos is hand made and is unique. No two rods produced have ever been alike. There is almost an infinitude of options for custom built fly rods.

Starting price: $300.00


Available Merchandise


Occasionally we have rods that are either experimental prototypes or ones built just for fun. Some have been field tested, some have not. Additionally we have other merchandise such as hats, shirts, and other fly fishing equipment available. To see currently available merchandise please follow this link: